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175 years of history
Gaspardo is a member of the MASCHIO Group of companies, which was founded in 1964 by Egidio and Giorgio Maschio, a family which has made a major contribution to the world's agricultural techniques.  

Today Maschio is a world leader in the agricultural machinery manufacturing sector.

The Maschio brothers bought Gaspardo Seminatrici SPA in 1994.

With an amazing 175 years of history behind it, Gaspardo is considered one of the most important companies in the world in its sector.

Gaspardo Seminatrici creates vacuum precision planters for cereals and vegetables, seed drills for cereals, and seed drills and vacuum planters for direct seeding and row-crop cultivators, amongst other specialised products. 

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An important feature of the Gaspardo production department is the sophisticated cataphoresis process painting line, an advanced technique that gives the machines' structural parts a high degree
of resistance to rust and ensures that the paint remains compact and is exceptionally long-lasting.